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Molehills into mountains

As I said in the last post, I found a bunch of pinholes in the starboard side rubrail. Some light tapping with a hammer really opened them up. So out came the oxy-acetylene torch to take off the old half round iron pipe and prepare the area for a new section of mild [...]
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Not having a great week

Besides the cold and snow, it has not been a great week. I knew there was a small hole in the original iron rubrail on the starboard side, so I dragged the scaffold over to have a go with the welder to put a patch on it. The more I poked around, the worse and [...]
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Back to the bow

Here is the “Before” picture to this story below: I was going over the bow stem and I noticed what looked like a seam in the iron that looked pretty raggedy, so I decided to put a new pass of weld on top to smooth it out. Well wouldn’t you know that that one little [...]
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More keel cooler piping

Here is the return leg of the 2 1/2 inch keel cooler piping getting installed. Unfortunately, the connection for the upper keel cooler is above the finished deck plates, so I have a potential air pocket trap in the piping at this end. You can see the 1/2 inch brass plug I temporarily [...]
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Shipyards in Tottenville

I am restoring my tugboat in the metal shipyard side of Tottenville Marina in Staten Island, NY and I have been interested in learning more about the history here. I have heard that there has been a shipyard in this location for a very long time. I recently was loaned a great [...]
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Final keel cooler installation and beginning piping

So I got the third keel cooler for the future generator (see my previous post on finding this on Craigslist) in the recessed box in the hull! I had to wait to get the 3M 101 polysulfide sealant that is recommended as my local boating store was out of stock. Once this cooler [...]
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What was NYC 13 doing in the 1960’s? Getting into collisions!

I am still mystified that I can’t find many old photos of my boat. I guess I need to hire someone to start scrounging through the museums here in New York City. As she spent all her years pushing railroad equipment back and forth in New York City, you would think she would [...]
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Craigslist find!

So, I’m back from Minehead, UK after a grueling week at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival there. I saw very little music over the 5 days here, other than the band I was tour managing, My Bloody Valentine. Such is the glory of working in the “music industry”. I was wrapping up the accounts [...]
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Getting crazy with the primer

So while I have been in the forward tank so much lately installing the bow thrusters, I decided to start putting a bit of Amercoat 235 light grey primer on top of the green Dimecote inorganic zinc primer. Just to brighten the place up! Doesn’t that really make the rivets and ribs look great? [...]
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Mounting the saddles

It was a gorgeous day out in the shipyard on Sunday with a stunning sunset. I spent most of the day finishing off the guards on the starboard side bowthruster penetrations and installing the saddles. I used 5200 sealant and bronze hardware to mount the bronze saddle to the steel tunnels. I made sure [...]
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Shipspotting on the web

width=600; //the width of the embedded map in pixels or percentage height=400; //the width of the embedded map in pixels or percentage [...]
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Port side bowthruster guards

Now that the flanges are finished, I thought it might be a good idea to put some sort of guard on both sides of the tunnels. I toyed with the idea of welding tabs and then bolting in these horizontal bars, but that seemed like excessive work. I decided in the end to [...]
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Welding on the flanges

So I want to beef up the area where the tunnel tubes meet the hull plating so I am installing a doubler flange on each penetration. I had cut the tubes so they extended roughly 1/2 inch past the hull plating on each side. I then took some 3/8 inch thick plate and [...]
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Blast and primer the tunnel tubes

I primed the tubes and prepped the area where the flanges will be welded on using an inorganic zinc primer called Dimetcote.
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Cutting in the saddles for the bowthruster

Boy has the weather changed quick! 40 degrees F today with overcast skies and sprinkles. Just a taste of what is to come. Today I cut in the saddles for the bow thrusters into both tunnels. First is to make a template on paper of the cut (taped up on the steel in [...]
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Double piercing – more bowthruster installation

So here is the first tunnel cut flush to the hull. And here is what it looks like inside the forward tank looking down through the manhole. Everything looks to be lined up and square with the internal frames. Now to start the next one. This one has to be a minimum of 14″ forward [...]
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Piercing the nose

So I have been saving up to put in another steel order. I have four main projects that need more steel: - the bowthruster: I need 14 inch pipe to make the tunnel - the pipe raceway: I need two 15 foot long sections of flat plate and lots of angle - the keel cooler: I need [...]
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Getting the shaft

So maybe you have noticed this 2001: A Space Oddity-like monolith that has been rising out of the center of the main deck in some of the other pictures? It is the shaftway to conceal (and deaden the noise of) the piping for the engine exhausts and all the pipes that will eventually go from the [...]
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Livet – an 1901 Dutch Canaller

So this very nice dutch canal boat, Livet is in the yard. She was in for some bottom work and a repaint. Looking on the web to find out about the vessel, I came across a post on the Tugster blog here all about her. She had previously been moored in the [...]
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Working my way forward

I am working my way forward on the starboard side. I’m going to need some more 3/16″ 7018 welding rod soon! I’ve gone through three 50 pound containers in the last week.
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