Not having a great week

Besides the cold and snow, it has not been a great week.

I knew there was a small hole in the original iron rubrail on the starboard side, so I dragged the scaffold over to have a go with the welder to put a patch on it. The more I poked around, the worse and more numerous the holes became. As this is the low point in the hollow rubrail, all the crap has settled to the bottom. Add some moisture in there and it became a sponge, rusting out the half-round from the inside out. The pinhole turned into a massive failure:

I’ve started to rip the whole section of it off now. More pictures coming of the resultant damage. Just when I thought this kind of repair was coming to an end.

Oh and one of my welding units failed. The internal 240 volt fan motor died. Its a Airco 3DDRS-24-B Bumblebee welder, which I see is long out of business. Someone on the interwebs says that these were made by Miller, so maybe I can get a replacement fan from them. Luckily, I have another second Bumblebee welder still working.

++ Update ++ I was able to order a fan for a Miller SRH-444 DC stick welder and it fit in exactly. It turns out that these Airco welders were manufactured in the Miller factory. On popping the cover to my unit, it even has a Miller Gold Star sticker inside on the frame.

And I got my jury duty obligation this week too. I had already requested and gotten a deferment when I needed to do the Iggy and the Stooges show in Sao Paulo last November, so it was time to pay the piper. Sitting indoors in a heated room for a couple days seems like luxury!

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    Your steady determination and indefatigable approach to preserving New York Central 13 is an inspiration to all of us old-boat lovers.

    Hang in there!
    Author, My River Chronicles: Rediscovering America on the Hudson
    Engineer, Fireboat John J. Harvey

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