November2, 2004 – I just came across this nice article by Don Sutherland about the tug’s previous owner, Capt. Fred Kosnac.

June 10, 2007 – Marie Lorenz and Mark Orange visit New York Central No. 13 as part of Marie’s “The Tide and Current Taxi” project.

In theory, the Tide and Current Taxi was supposed to work like this: You’d call Marie Lorenz, the volunteer dispatch officer, ship’s pilot, and all-around free spirit, and tell her where you wanted to go—not right away, because tides and currents aren’t immediately obliging, but at some point in the near future. Lorenz would study the weather forecast and the tide charts, and then suggest a meeting place and time that fit her schedule and, ideally, didn’t much conflict with yours. If you were an Upper East Sider commuting to Wall Street, you might like to meet her at the crumbling dock at Ninety-first Street on the East River, to catch the outgoing tide at 5:15 A.M. You’d climb aboard her homemade fourteen-foot plywood skiff—Lorenz is a sculptor—and float slowly down to South Street Seaport, paddling when necessary to insure that you made it on time for your eight-thirty conference call.


July 25, 2004 – Tugs Pegasus, Bertha and NYC No 13 hosted a shipyard visit to members of the public and the Roebling chapter of the Society for Industrial Archeology.  Visitors were brought to and from the shipyard in Tottenville via the fireboat, John J. Harvey.  Barbeque’s were fired up in the middle of the yard, beer bottles were cracked, ship tours and a display of riveting and other restoration techniques was shown.   Article here.

Sept 2003 – Cover article of the Rail-Marine Information Group’s magazine Transfer:

Transfer Cover medium

May 2002 – A nice article on The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Magazine – “Is This Tugboat Sunk?”

Here is an interview of John Garner, owner of Garpo Marine, in Marine News.