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Molehills into mountains

As I said in the last post, I found a bunch of pinholes in the starboard side rubrail. Some light tapping with a hammer really opened them up. So out came the oxy-acetylene torch to take off the old half round iron pipe and prepare the area for a new section of mild [...]
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Not having a great week

Besides the cold and snow, it has not been a great week. I knew there was a small hole in the original iron rubrail on the starboard side, so I dragged the scaffold over to have a go with the welder to put a patch on it. The more I poked around, the worse and [...]
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Back to the bow

Here is the “Before” picture to this story below: I was going over the bow stem and I noticed what looked like a seam in the iron that looked pretty raggedy, so I decided to put a new pass of weld on top to smooth it out. Well wouldn’t you know that that one little [...]
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Shipyards in Tottenville

I am restoring my tugboat in the metal shipyard side of Tottenville Marina in Staten Island, NY and I have been interested in learning more about the history here. I have heard that there has been a shipyard in this location for a very long time. I recently was loaned a great [...]
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Final keel cooler installation and beginning piping

So I got the third keel cooler for the future generator (see my previous post on finding this on Craigslist) in the recessed box in the hull! I had to wait to get the 3M 101 polysulfide sealant that is recommended as my local boating store was out of stock. Once this cooler [...]
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