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Back to the bow

Here is the “Before” picture to this story below: I was going over the bow stem and I noticed what looked like a seam in the iron that looked pretty raggedy, so I decided to put a new pass of weld on top to smooth it out. Well wouldn’t you know that that one little [...]
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Getting crazy with the primer

So while I have been in the forward tank so much lately installing the bow thrusters, I decided to start putting a bit of Amercoat 235 light grey primer on top of the green Dimecote inorganic zinc primer. Just to brighten the place up! Doesn’t that really make the rivets and ribs look great? [...]
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Double piercing – more bowthruster installation

So here is the first tunnel cut flush to the hull. And here is what it looks like inside the forward tank looking down through the manhole. Everything looks to be lined up and square with the internal frames. Now to start the next one. This one has to be a minimum of 14″ forward [...]
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Piercing the nose

So I have been saving up to put in another steel order. I have four main projects that need more steel: - the bowthruster: I need 14 inch pipe to make the tunnel - the pipe raceway: I need two 15 foot long sections of flat plate and lots of angle - the keel cooler: I need [...]
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Sizing a hydraulic motor for the windlass

This is a follow-up to the post Sizing an anchor windlass where we calculated the mass that our anchor windlass must lift given the scope, chain and anchor sizes we are working with. The end result was that we needed to pull up 10,140 lbs. The following calculations were worked out and sent to me [...]
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Replacing the port side rubrails

First step to replacing the rubrails was to whack off the old iron supports that held the wood timbers against the hull.  The rubrails are the “bumpers” along the side of the hull that take most of the abuse of bumps and scrapes.  Only the rubrail on the port side needed replacing.  Someone had replaced [...]
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Early days

Here is a picture from the early days of the restoration. It has just been lifted out of the water and put up on land. Look at all the rotted out doubler plates that had been welded along the waterline. You can see the original wooden rub rails that were bolted to [...]
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Building a sandblaster

There is no more useful tool aboard a steel (or wrought iron) ship than a sandblaster.  I found some plans on the internet that gave me some good ideas on how to make my own unit.  I found an old acetylene tank in the scrap dumpster in the shipyard and went to work.  I filled [...]
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Sizing an anchor windlass

So I want to add an anchoring system to the tug.  It never had one before as it was used as a harbor tug that was always tied up to a pier when it was not pushing or pulling.  She did not have berths for sleeping either – she was what was known as a [...]
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