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Shipyards in Tottenville

I am restoring my tugboat in the metal shipyard side of Tottenville Marina in Staten Island, NY and I have been interested in learning more about the history here. I have heard that there has been a shipyard in this location for a very long time. I recently was loaned a great [...]
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What was NYC 13 doing in the 1960’s? Getting into collisions!

I am still mystified that I can’t find many old photos of my boat. I guess I need to hire someone to start scrounging through the museums here in New York City. As she spent all her years pushing railroad equipment back and forth in New York City, you would think she would [...]
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Livet – an 1901 Dutch Canaller

So this very nice dutch canal boat, Livet is in the yard. She was in for some bottom work and a repaint. Looking on the web to find out about the vessel, I came across a post on the Tugster blog here all about her. She had previously been moored in the [...]
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Susan Elizabeth 1886-2008 RIP

It was a sad day in the shipyard when the Susan Elizabeth showed up in the yard.  She was built a year earlier than NY Central 13 in 1886 also by the John H. Dialogue shipyard in Camden, NJ.  She was also a NY Central Railroad Tugboat and she was numbered No. 3.  So she [...]
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Ride a historic boat on the Hudson on Sept 5th

On September 5 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. , The North River Historic Ship Society will host the Great North River Historic Ship Rally on Pier 84 in Hudson River Park (44th Street and 12th Avenue) . Three historic vessels: the 102-year-old tug Pegasus, the fireboat John J. Harvey and tug Cornell will offer free public [...]
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A bit of history

I didn’t make it out to Tottenville today to go rivet welding as I am getting ready to go on tour again. My money job is as a tour manager for music groups that need a solid, quick thinking, responsible manager to get them from point A to point B. Point A is [...]
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Original Photo of NY Central 13

This is the only picture I have of NYC 13 in her original glory.  You can notice the very slender steam stack that she had. The pilot house of NYC 31, whose bow is in the foreground of this picture is on display as a ticket booth at the South Sea Seaport in New York City.
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National Trust for Historic Preservation Article

Don Sutherland wrote a nice article for the National Trust for Historic Preservation Magazine.  It lists New York Central No. 13 as being an historic property that is worth saving.  This is before I stepped in and bought the boat from Kosnac Floating Derrick Corp. of Staten Island.
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