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Sizing a hydraulic motor for the windlass

This is a follow-up to the post Sizing an anchor windlass where we calculated the mass that our anchor windlass must lift given the scope, chain and anchor sizes we are working with. The end result was that we needed to pull up 10,140 lbs. The following calculations were worked out and sent to me [...]
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Sizing an anchor windlass

So I want to add an anchoring system to the tug.  It never had one before as it was used as a harbor tug that was always tied up to a pier when it was not pushing or pulling.  She did not have berths for sleeping either – she was what was known as a [...]
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Sizing a bow thruster

I am considering putting in a bow thruster.  This is a small propeller in a tunnel that is mounted in the nose of the boat.  It allows you to push the bow to either side.  Since this tugboat only has a single screw, it is going to be tricky to dock, especially with a wind [...]
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