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Final keel cooler installation and beginning piping

So I got the third keel cooler for the future generator (see my previous post on finding this on Craigslist) in the recessed box in the hull! I had to wait to get the 3M 101 polysulfide sealant that is recommended as my local boating store was out of stock. Once this cooler [...]
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Getting crazy with the primer

So while I have been in the forward tank so much lately installing the bow thrusters, I decided to start putting a bit of Amercoat 235 light grey primer on top of the green Dimecote inorganic zinc primer. Just to brighten the place up! Doesn’t that really make the rivets and ribs look great? [...]
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Replacing the port side rubrails

First step to replacing the rubrails was to whack off the old iron supports that held the wood timbers against the hull.  The rubrails are the “bumpers” along the side of the hull that take most of the abuse of bumps and scrapes.  Only the rubrail on the port side needed replacing.  Someone had replaced [...]
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Building a sandblaster

There is no more useful tool aboard a steel (or wrought iron) ship than a sandblaster.  I found some plans on the internet that gave me some good ideas on how to make my own unit.  I found an old acetylene tank in the scrap dumpster in the shipyard and went to work.  I filled [...]
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Replacing hull plates

So here is a little photo timeline on how we replated the hull.  The first step, not shown here, was to cut off the old plate and remove all the rivets.  Then to sandblast, prime and paint the stiffeners or ribs.  Here they are grey.  You can see I had to fix some of the [...]
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