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Molehills into mountains

As I said in the last post, I found a bunch of pinholes in the starboard side rubrail. Some light tapping with a hammer really opened them up. So out came the oxy-acetylene torch to take off the old half round iron pipe and prepare the area for a new section of mild [...]
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Not having a great week

Besides the cold and snow, it has not been a great week. I knew there was a small hole in the original iron rubrail on the starboard side, so I dragged the scaffold over to have a go with the welder to put a patch on it. The more I poked around, the worse and [...]
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Replacing the port side rubrails

First step to replacing the rubrails was to whack off the old iron supports that held the wood timbers against the hull.  The rubrails are the “bumpers” along the side of the hull that take most of the abuse of bumps and scrapes.  Only the rubrail on the port side needed replacing.  Someone had replaced [...]
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Early days

Here is a picture from the early days of the restoration. It has just been lifted out of the water and put up on land. Look at all the rotted out doubler plates that had been welded along the waterline. You can see the original wooden rub rails that were bolted to [...]
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Rain Day

Hi – Today it was raining pretty good all day so I stayed home to work on my upcoming tour with the band My Bloody Valentine. I’ve been going through my iPhoto folders and found this old photo from May 2007 that I liked. its sometimes nice to look at how bad the [...]
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