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Ring around the rosey

So I have been working my way around the stern – rewelding all the TC bolts. These are the hardest ones as they are virtually overhead. This is where the rudder post goes up through the hull. Only a few left to go in this area and then I can move back [...]
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Rain Day

Hi – Today it was raining pretty good all day so I stayed home to work on my upcoming tour with the band My Bloody Valentine. I’ve been going through my iPhoto folders and found this old photo from May 2007 that I liked. its sometimes nice to look at how bad the [...]
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The pretty end

I have started this photoblog in the middle of the actual restoration which leaves me in a quandary as how to start and what past pictures to post here.  But I really like this one from October 2005 of her back end.  All the stern plating has been finished as you can see by all [...]
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